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In today’s digital world the volume of data flowing from, to and enterprises of all sorts is enormous and growing rapidly, more rapidly than the capabilities of organizations to use it. Business Intelligence helps the organizations to make effective use of the abundance of data to which they have access: to make better predictions, better decisions, and better strategies.

How POWER BI provides business Business intelligent Intelligent solution:

  • Let us assume  there are different sources of data in your company. All invoices are stored on your accountant’s desktop, while your sales receipts are on your cashier’s  tablet and any other  key stats on your smart phone. While using Power BI’s cloud-based system, you can collate all this data view your company’s details all together which comes from different sources. 

  •  Keep data up-to-date automatically - Cloud computing also means your numbers can be updated constantly, ensure your data is always up-to-date with automated, incremental refreshes, having complete governance and security built-in, so you can instantly see the latest invoice from your accountant or receipt from your cashier. and that too from any device—Microsoft notes that Power BI has “touch-enabled native apps for Windows, iOS, and Android.”

  • Keep everyone in the loop. Your colleagues, consultants, and co-workers can all access relevant visualizations and data in the cloud. Power BU empowers stakeholders to gain insights anywhere and anytime with secure access and view live dashboards and reports on any device. Your colleagues, consultants, and co-workers can all access relevant visualizations and data in the cloud. You can also publish key findings in “content packs” generated by power BI or upload them to your blog or website to share your successes.



  • Interactive Reporting​

  • Data Visualization​ and live monitoring of data

  • Secured Publishing publishing efficiency and accuracy of BI content

  • Accessing data from across multiple platforms

  • Quick and easy access to your data

  •  Easy monitoring of performance

  •  Integration to well known products that are used like Excel,Quick books, Arcgis Maps etc.

  • Protect Power BI data with Microsoft Information Protection and Microsoft Cloud App Security​

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