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Mid-Block Pedestrian Crossing Analysis

Pedestrians often take the most direct route to their destinations regardless of whether they are crossing on legal/safe crossing or not. For example, pedestrians walking on a long block of road intending to cross the road to get to the opposite side of the road are very less likely to walk till end of the block and use legalized crossing to cross. They rather take the shortest path as per there convenience or instead cross the road right in front of their intended destination especially those pedestrians who are running out of time. This behavior of crossing in Mid Blocks in turn brings high risk of accidents involving direct impact of pedestrians with vehicles. The severity of pedestrian collisions with vehicles typically end in fatal injury and sometimes death.

Here comes the importance of Mid-Block pedestrian crossing analysis which will identify several planning/engineering solutions to provide safe, legalized mid-block pedestrian crossings, and will also identify the effectiveness of each of these solutions. Preliminary Mid-Block Crossing locations are identified with keeping various factors into considerations such as locations involving higher pedestrian’s activity such as Parking lots/garages, schools & colleges or locations where prior accidents were reported. Videos are recorded in weekdays from 0700 hours to 1900 hours and handed over to APTOCOINER for manual analysis. PDF reports are produced showcasing the frequency and most frequent path used by pedestrian. APOCOINER also provides web reports:

APTOCOINER is expert in undertaking Mid-Block pedestrian crossing analysis which helps engineering firms to design legal and safer Midblock crossings. Midblock crossings are locations between intersections where marked crosswalks have been provided. The crosswalk may be signalized or unsignalized. They provide convenient locations for pedestrians to cross in areas without frequent intersection crossings in large block of road. Installation of midblock crosswalks acknowledges that pedestrians prefer to travel to their destination using the shortest route possible. A midblock crossing creates a safer, more visible and more direct route without requiring the pedestrian to walk to the nearest intersection or cross at a random and sometimes dangerous location.

In summary, a midblock crosswalk provides pedestrians a safer and more visible way to cross a street than crossing at a random and often dangerous location. Midblock crosswalks are most useful in suburbs and areas where it’s common to find long stretches without intersections. Midblock crosswalks should be located where there is heavy pedestrian traffic and major destinations, such as schools, shopping centers, or transit stops. While all midblock crosswalks must be marked, they can also be enhanced with medians, refuge islands, signals, signs, lighting and curb extensions.

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