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Parking Studies

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Parking is one of the major problems in traffic engineering which is created due increase in road traffic. This needs to be well planned and implemented to avoid the issues related to parking utilization.

Parking surveys/Parking data collection provides measurable data describing the spatial and historical utilization of parking spaces in designated parking spaces. These surveys are important tools for parking supply management and infrastructure planning. The focus of Parking surveys is to review how the current system is being utilized in order to provide specific user-based recommendations to develop a road map to maximize the City’s parking asset. The most commonly used parking survey methodology are IN-OUT Survey, License plate recognition method and video survey. APTOCOINER is the best Parking Survey company in terms of providing high precision and reliable data.

In-out survey – Here the parking occupancy count is noted at the beginning of the survey of the selected parking lot or parking space. Then the number of vehicles entering/ exiting the lot at an agreed time interval (i.e. 5 min) is noted, this survey is done for 12/8 hours depending of the usage of the lot. From this data Accumulation which is calculated as the initial count plus the number of vehicles entering minus the number of vehicles exiting. Occupancy Percentage is calculated by Initial Occupancy Count / Accumulation * 100.

License Plate Recognition - This survey was primarily based on data collection through the use of the parking enforcement vehicles equipped with License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology. Morning, afternoon, and evening “passes” were conducted. In addition to actual data collection, field observations were noted during the surveys. This information is to be collected during various days of the week, times of the days, seasons, and event periods.

For on street Parking space, videos were recorder for 12 hours/ 24-hour period recording the parking. APTOCOINER does the Parking Survey/ Parking Occupancy studies on the videos provided. Parking Occupancy is defined as the percent of standard on-street parking spaces in which a vehicle is parked at a given time.

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